Art Gallery | Art Pavilion | Live Art Studio | Reference Library

Gallery FourLife is an Art Gallery concept of Sri Lankan Artist Chathuranga Biyagama created with the vision of taking Sri Lankan Art talents to international forums.

The main functions of the gallery are, hosting Art exhibitions for the public viewing, promoting paintings through Local and International Art Pavilions, Live Art Studio for Artists to create and utilize the working space and also for Art Residency programs. Gallery will also be developing an Artist's reference library so that artists will have an opportunity to develop themselves and share their knowledge among other artists.

This Gallery is different from other local galleries in many ways. Apart from conducting art exhibitions, they promote Artists both local and international through our Art Pavilion concept which is mainly to promote their work to potential buyers and art collectors. While supporting artists to showcase their work, they are also equipped with an artist working studio which is spacious enough to accommodate 4 to 5 artists where they have a location to work and to share their knowledge. University students, who don't have adequate working spaces can utilize this space to practice their skills and to develop their talents and also for Senior Artists to conduct & participate in Art residency programs.

Also Gallery FourLife boasts of a reference library for artists to upgrade their knowledge and to create a community platform of both senior and junior artists to develop discussions and critics.

It is not easy to make a living through art in a country like Sri Lanka. Rural artists have many issues in promoting their art and selling their works. Through Gallery FourLife we give opportunity to Sri Lankan Artists from all experience levels to showcase their work in a professional Gallery space according to the international standards and to build their portfolios.

Our eCommerce platform is the modern way of promoting Sri Lankan art to the international markets. Foreign collectors now have the opportunity to purchase Sri Lankan Art works through our web based eCommerce platform where payments can be accepted through all major Credit Cards and secure payment methods such as PayPal. Janaka Perera is a Co-Partner of this project and he is the creator of the eCommerce platform. Operating from both Sri Lanka and Canada, his technical knowledge and talents have been merged with Gallery concepts and Artist's views to Gallery FourLife. Together we operate Gallery FourLife Modern Art Gallery which is a true Spiritual Pavilion at 26, Boteju Road, Colombo 5, Sri Lanka.